Belay the C++

Is this blog abandoned?

Since the last post is from spring 2022, you might think this blog is abandoned.

But this is not true! After a small summer break, an editor contacted me to write a book about C++!

Unfortunately. that means I have no more free time to publish new articles on this blog. But don’t worry, I’ll be back to writing articles as soon as the book is published!

Thanks, Packt, to give me this opportunity.

What is this blog ?

This blogs aims to enlighten the reader about bad yet often seen practices in C++, explanations on how it is bad and ways to avoid it.

You will occasionally see articles about good practices instead of bad ones, and sometimes strange-yet-interesting behavior.

Feel free to give opinion, advice, or precision on these articles.

The team

The crew of Belay the C++ is composed of two people:

  • Chloé Lourseyre, creator of the blog and main author.
  • Peter Fordham, copy editor.

More details about them on the following page : Team.

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